Chances to be the one

Sonam Khetan

  • 60
  • India
  • age 26
“I Dream, I Imagine, I Seek, I Grow, I Believe, I Achieve, and I Dream some more…“ — Sonam Khetan’s dream


I am an ardent Textile designer from NIFT and an inherent lover of Fashion. My passion for textiles has lead me on an exciting journey of discovery and understanding of the industry in the culturally rich country of India.
Through my travels, I have developed a deep sense of understanding of the people and their crafts from diverse regions and sections of the society and how they have evolved over time.
My work has made me aware of how fashion changes with cultural backgrounds of the consumer. It has given me the ability to create endearing designs that seamlessly blend cultural elements to contemporary trends.
I believe that fashion is as global a phenomenon as it is personal, and that it is not fashion that engenders glamour, but the confidence and empowerment that arises from it.