Chances to be the one

Lívia Rett

  • 214
  • Brazil
  • age 0
“My dream is to be successful in what I love: creating and selling dreams in the form of clothing.“ — Lívia Rett’s dream


What took me to fashion college was as simple as that: an extra-curricular sewing course. Creating my own pieces of clothing helped me change the way I saw fashion and consumerism. In less than a month, the huge life changing decision was taken, and I got an 80% scholarship in one of the best fashion colleges in the country. I could never stop being amazed with what I could learn and the potencial fashion has to create desire in consumers. After 2,5 years studying I was chosen with six other students to take part in a prestigious contest named FAAP Moda, in which each of the participants had to present a small collection in a runway show. I can say that meeting many people from the fashion world and watching my creations become alive on the runway were surely the greatest times of my life.