Chances to be the one

Carla Martínez Soto

  • 5
  • Spain
  • age 26
“Happiness: to find a balance between family, friends, career and success.“ — Carla Martínez Soto’s dream


I’m Carla Martínez from Barcelona, Spain.
I see myself as an easygoing person, eager to learn as much as I can from any experience that happens in my life.
I studied Economics at UAB, where I was an above average student and that fact helped me get an internship in London at Banc Sabadell.
"Strategic analysis for the creation of an online fashion business" was my final project and the starting point of my desire to focus my career on the fashion sector.
I’d like to study at Istituto Marangoni because it’s recognized worldwide, and particularly at the Paris branch because I identify myself with the French style.
In 10 years I see myself working at a successful fashion company and travelling around the world, applying the knowledge acquired and learning from great professionals.