Chances to be the one

Ana Mitevska

  • 212
  • Macedonia
  • age 27
“I want my designs to be more than just sketches on paper.“ — Ana Mitevska’s dream


I see myself as a highly ambitious person and fashion design is a very important part of my aspirations for the future.
If I have to describe my style, I would say that it is elegant, sophisticated and classy. I am more inclined toward designing haute couture and evening gowns, because I particularly enjoy the special attention to detail and the use of fine materials in the art of dressmaking. But, I definitely see myself as a designer of prêt-a-porter as well because I love every-day fashion.
My passion for creating clothes has grown to the point of becoming a dream of mine. I would like to see that dream develop into a professional career. I want to become a very good fashion designer, successful in creating high quality designs that will be transformed into products many will enjoy.